Cloud Computing

digital devices connected to a cloud

We have plenty of experience helping our clients move into cloud computing solutions. Whether you need a cloud server, a cloud backup or another cloud-based service, Tier 3 is ready to help. We are a Microsoft Cloud Partner and work directly with hundreds of businesses to provide cloud computing services.

Some of the specific tasks we perform for our clients are:

  • Migrating to hosted Exchange serviced to allow for contact, calendar and email synchronization/sharing. This is a full end to end solution where we set up the new service with Microsoft, prepare your mailboxes, synchronize your data and complete the migration/changeover.
  • Helping businesses move to other cloud-based services; including
    • Cloud file servers
    • Hosted application servers
    • Off-site data backup
    • Remote desktop applications
    • Cloud Storage

Tier 3 is Ready to Help

Tier 3 takes our role as your IT department seriously, which is why we interact directly with the service or software vendor. We will keep the project on track, make sure you are being fairly represented, and ensure that you aren’t being sold products or services you don’t need.